Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Men are from Mars, Women are ... ?

It is amazing the things people do in the name of research. It is also amazing the things people study in the name of research.

Nicolas Gueguen begun publishing in 2000 stuff that we already know; except that he included a proper hypothesis, experiment and detailed the outcome mathematically (the way a good scientist would).

For example:

1. Women with bigger boobs get more male attention.

2. That romantic songs puts a woman in a mood to say yes.

3. Waitresses who wear makeup get more tips.

4. That women in their fertile phase are also more likely to say yes to a guy.

Gratuituous Angelina Jolie shot for the gents.

You gotta admire a man who is systematically and mathematically profiling factors that influence men-women interaction. Especially when met with lame pick up lines, women are more wont to be doing this:

Vive le sciences et recherche!

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