Monday, October 12, 2009

Food ambassador

You gotta love Jamie Oliver. This is a guy who doesn't accept limitations and goes out to do what he feels is right. He overcame dyslexia and hyperactivity to become one of the world's most famous proponent of good food for everybody. Watching him cook is like watching a controlled whirlwind; but instead of destruction, he left lovely and delicious gustatory creation in his wake.

On his crusade to teach the world that you can cook and eat well, healthy and cheap, Jamie has embarked on a new journey: to teach super-size-this America to eat right.

Good luck, Jamie!


Queen of hearts said...

Shhhh! You know what, the first time (abt 6 years ago) I saw the 'Naked Chef' title on the tv menu, I thought it was an adult show because it was shown at 11'ish pm. I waited...I didn't know it was a cooking show. HAHAHA! I told my hubby the next day, he laughed at me. *grin*

I love Jamie Oliver. His wife is so lucky her hubby can do all the cooking. (not that I cook everyday anyway) LOL! I usually don't eat what I cook.

I didn't know he had dyslexia and hyperactivity. But he's still a lil hyper. His character makes him look young. Not bad for a father of 3 angels :D

Snuze said...

True! I love how he made cooking look so easy; even slapdash. We integrate a lot of his cooking style with our menu, so we have a more varied salad than before.

So much love.