Friday, June 19, 2009

Miserly emotions not required

We would all love to be the first and only love of someone's life. And hopefully, we feel the same way about our partner.

This woman, however, had the courage to be the second love of her husband's life. Her generosity of spirit and love is humbling. She's no saint and I'm sure many a wife would identify with her exasperation at her husband's inability to score his clothes in the laundry hamper. Her wry acknowledgment that she may fare poorly in comparison to his first wife resonates with honesty and an expansiveness of spirit.

Ah, vive l'amour ...


evaMY said...

It's not easy being the second one, especially knowing full well that the heart of the person that you love had belonged and in some ways still belongs to another. But there's no point in denying it no matter how much one wants to, it is better to accept it if there is to be a future in their relationship.

Oh man... *sobs*

Sigh, ada ke yg akan sayang kita sampai camtu sekali ah?

Errrk, sorry... Ter-emo lah pulak :P

Snuze said...

Takpe ... kita perlu emo ... itu kan anugerah Tuhan pada kita? Kalu tak kita jadi cam Dexter, sociopath and serial killer, kih kih kih (am right now enamoured with him).

We always want to be the first, to win at everything. It hurts to accept that we can't and it's by default, not through any error of our own. But there is a kind of courage to accept this situation and move on with it anyway.

Terkadang I rasa I faham kenapa ada org sanggup jadi second wife while the 1st one is still living. Sometimes you really can't help your feeling. If nasib baik, all goes well, if not, dah tergali kubur nak buat camner?