Monday, March 30, 2009

Paging Dr No ...

Huh. Apparently in Sweden even convicted murderers can be accepted into medical school. I guess the 6 and a half years in prison gave him plenty of time to study and get awesome enough grades to get in.

But seriously, wouldn't you worry if your physician is a convicted felon? So he's smart, brilliant etc etc, but if he has race issues and you are definitely too coloured for his taste? A bit iffy, no? Vetting for entrance into medical school has always been a hotly debated issue, ranging from scholastic performance to extra curricular activities and even mental and psychological aptitude for the work. I guess now the Swedes will have to include query of legal issues in the application forms. In Malaysia, if you were ever in trouble with the law (say, you used to boost cars in your misspent youth or was busted during a nightclub raid), you can kiss your university entrance goodbye, much less the august medical schools.

So what makes good doctors? How do we make sure that the ones with the right stuff to become good doctors are given the chance to get into medical school? Should we allow a brilliant Nazi sympathiser (and every other colour of this sort) to get in because of his/her scholastic excellence?

*rubs chin thoughtfully*

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