Monday, May 6, 2013

My Mama says ...

... say something nice or say nothing at all.

This morning at close to 1 am, the last of the 13th General Election (thank God it's over) result has been announced. I was asleep when it happened; I prize sleep higher than any kind of aggravation that I suspect the announcement will give me. I think it's better to just get it over with at one go (kinda like ripping off a Band Aid) rather than the waiting with bated breath for each announcement in between political pundits droning on and on. 

I think most Malaysians greeted this day with this face:

And not just because today is Monday.

Doesn't matter if you're rooting for the ruling coalition or the Opposition. I doubt anyone is perfectly happy with the outcome: the Oppo supporters were hoping for total house revolution, the government supporters want to seize back Penang and Selangor (fat chance; not to mention Kelantan is a law of its own). 

At the end of the day, life must go on. Put aside your personal disappointment and collective outrage and just keep living life as you always have. We have to accept that life is not a meritocracy. The best doesn't always win. The righteous doesn't always prevail. And many times, the evil dude wins the day.

As much as we wish the coalition that we back had done this:

It didn't happen.

I also suspect that evolution is not just about survival of the fittest, but it includes the positioning of the fortuitious. Otherwise, how do you explain lampreys


I wrote on Saturday about Anas Zubedy's campaign Time for Healing. I think this is a very important campaign in the light of the  when you see a lot of people (and friends!) become polarised, thanks to politics.

Politicians are terrible creatures, so we must not let them keep us from enjoying our friends and families, from having good and kind thoughts and deeds to each other, and we mustn't let them encourage us to look at each other with seething anger and suspicion.

And no, politicians are not cute like this guy:

I think we could all do a little bit for the "Say Something Nice" campaign (no need to do it formally). Let's start with a smile for someone we don't know and work from there.

Smile. It makes them wonder what you're up to.
From non-verbal communication, we should graduate to something like ...

"Malaysia have LOADS of GREAT FOOD."

What? You think I am full of ideas? Let me work on it, okay?


Goh LinLin said...

its not even over yet, theres still so much hate building up steam on facebook. Gosh make it stop

zhu m said...

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! i stayed up until 3 am..rasa nak menangis!

Snuze said...

Ms Goh and Zhu, do what I do: close off the FB and go watch something fun. With chocolate to consume while watching.

People are crazy, enuff said. It's easier to just walk away, let it go, life still goes on.

Biarkan Luncai terjun dengan labu2nya. We don't have to jump along with him nor join them in their madness.


naz said...

Beb...Loving this post. I stayed up as well, waited for the result. And for me my monday was great! Nothing to do with election tho. I have my own reason