Saturday, June 16, 2012


Nina Persson started out her singing career with The Cardigans, purveying sweet bubblegum pop music that hid a dark core, telling stories more relevant to Brothers Grimm than Disney sweetness. Kinda like sucking a lime candy and then you hit the super sour melty centre. Their first huge hit made me think about what it's like to hit acid just before going out on a date with your crush.

Yes, I have a weakness for retro-like music. This song was practically the soundtrack of my pre-university days. Now you know how old I really am.

Massive fangirling and moar ear candy after the cut.

How far would you go to win the love of your obsession?

During her sojourn with The Cardigans, she often sings about how terribly awry love can go. She have sung about abusive relationships.


Not very much for happy endings, methinks. Perhaps this one?

Oh wait. You're never sure whether she got the guy (or girl, hehehe).

Her voice developed a slight raspy maturity that textures her delivery, gripping you by the throat and strumming the heartstrings that you thought have already atrophied from life-long doses of cynicism. It gives an amazing dimension when she covers rock classics.

Why is it I only enjoy Pink Floyd when it's a cover version? I must not be a true rock fan. =P

Her approach is different than Mr Stipe's, but it is delicious nonetheless. The evocative honesty is just sublime.

Gotta admit, like Pink Floyd, I only like covers of Leonard Cohen's work. 

I think even Mr Plant enjoyed her approach to one of his most famous song.

Ah, Ms. Persson. Thou art AWEZOME.

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Seorang Blogger said...

ahhhh.. suara beliau memang delicous.. and fool me fool me tu awww brings back tears from that time.. asasi..