Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thinky thoughts

We grew up bombarded by images; stills and videos, in our media saturated world. I am sure many of us are skeptical about the idea of subliminal messages and how we are manipulated to buy, to believe, to act, by a group of nameless and faceless people driving media corporation.

But how many of us believe that pretty girls cannot do maths? How many of us believe that blondes are hotter than brunettes? How many of us obsess over what a female senior administrator look like rather than how well she can do her job?How many of us believe that women are emotional, conniving jerks? If you ever entertained such thoughts, please watch the video below.

If you have mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, I hope you rethink your stance.

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Queen of hearts said...

In the book Raising Boys, it says that most teenage boys will look at girls as sex objects. is that? I blame the media. Like what you said, tv commercials, print ads, music videos, Hooters Restaurant, porn (obviously) and many more. They exploit women. Simply because sex sells. Sad but true. Imagine J.Lo or Britney Spears dancing in hijab. LOL!