Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pity wishes aren't horses ...

... because, Freddie, I want someone to sing this to me in the morning, hehehe.

I love the 80's pop soul sensibilities. Very the Hall and Oates, no?


Freddie Kevin said...

Hi Snuze,

Wish could comply cos I http://bit.ly/eOtDns

In more ways than one.

zlkmhd said...

80's kinda cool :P

Freddie Kevin said...

Weekend thoughts

Snuze said...

HOMG, Freddie, is that woman ... does she hear herself?


Zue: I just love how Hujan plays all the right notes that reminds me of the delicious listenings of my childhood. :D

Freddie Kevin said...


Monday dedication to get you going.