Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How David ate Goliath

In nature, size sometimes do not matter. It's all about your strategy (bite location, poison etc). In the case of ground beetles, it takes bite location, sheer cussedness to hang on to a wildly bucking prey and poison to fell the stronger and bigger toad.

Don't click on video if you do not want to see nature red in tooth and claw. As in live consumption of prey by said beetle. You have been warned.

Ah, Toad. R.I.P.

Courtesy of New Scientist.


Queen of hearts said...

That bettle reminds me of that flesh eating bettle in The Mummy. Could it be the same bettle? I thought it doesn't exist. OMG!! I'm going to have nightmares tonight X{

Snuze said...

Don't worry; it's a different type of beetle. I went watching the Mummy with my sister and she was horrified by the beetle scene too. She said, "Kenapalah awak bawak saya pergi tengok cerita menakutkan macam ni?"