Monday, May 16, 2011

Way to destroy one's childhood memories ... :'(

How could GQ desecrate Voltron thusly???!

Not to mention that such paper dolls used to be a particular obsession of mine. They were cheap and came in amazing variety from just RM 0.20 to RM 0.50 per set at your local friendly stationery shop. Since the money to get toys (like Barbie dolls) were routed to feed my reading obsession, these paper dolls were my primary toy.

Darn you, Lady Gaga!

*shakes fist*


naz said...

There goes my childhood.. *shacking my head*

I won't be able to look at voltron the same way again..

Snuze said...


Sorry that I shared something so depressing.

naz said...

No worries... I have outgrown voltron a long time ago. Do wonder would she really wear it for real?

Ri said...

this is lady gaga we're talking about, people!
i'm only surprised that she hasn't worn it yet :P

me the martian said...

i think the one with sperm gotta be the most disturbing. what is that supposed to be?

naz said...

Insemination perhaps?
I guess the ovum would be the headgear, and the sperms would be the dress... Overly creative, I must say.

Snuze said...

So long as she doesn't touch Ramrod from Saber Rider and the Star Sheriff, I won't go nuclear.


naz said...

Hahaha, calvary command rules!! I do like to watch Gundam as well.