Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book rec!

I bought this book on an impulse last Sunday (also driven by the 20% off sticker, hehehe); I usually rent my books. Funds and storage restriction can be such a bitch.

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favourite authors; particularly her historical novels. She has an amazing gift for painting such evocative pictures with words, with well-crafted plots and wonderful characters you would cheer for. However, as much as I enjoy her contemporary novels, they lack a certain something that is redolent in her historicals.

I am happy to note that the je ne sais quois that I adore in her historical novels is in full force in this one. This is the first time she wrote a contemporary novel about real, ordinary people (her Travis series are peopled with millionaires). The banter is deliciously agile; a Kleypas trademark. The only thing I feel sorry for is that it is too short. I finished all 211 pages in a little over an hour (I took a break to shower).

Go on, give this book a shot.

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