Thursday, May 20, 2010

Voice soft like summer rain ...

There are various interpretation of this song apart from the eponymous original by the incomparable Dolly Parton. However, I love this version by Mindy Smith best; the pure, clean notes of her voice underscoring her desperation and pleading. Wonderfully emotive.

The theme of the song is something that I have never experienced first-hand. I cannot imagine loving someone who loves another in such a way; to humble one-self to ask for clemency from the third party.

I suppose this is the kind of love that drove a person to self-destruction because of its loss. I do like the idea of such an all encompassing love and passion, but the reality of it? Not so much.

Just like how I love my fictional men to be emotionally damaged, but if I met these guys in real life, I'll be running in the other direction so fast, you'd hear the Beep! Beep! of the Road Runner.

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