Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jaw dropper

Cowboys don't really do it for me. But these guys?



If these guys ever make it to our shores, Ima empty the piggy bank to go and watch.

*licks lips*

And no Brokeback quips, ok? Let me have some fantasy of straight men who can move.


Ri said...

love, love, LOVE!

wish i could move like that (sans suggestive movements :P )

Mother In Line of Fashion said...

OMG! a lil gay if you ask me. LOL! No offense dear. But not bad..they can dance well. You like 'em doncha. HEHEHE!
Have you seen This Is It? MJ's backup dancers...yummers :O Right after the show, I told my hubby to hit the gym. Hahaha!

Snuze said...

Ri: Oh yes, I adore watching men dance. Their strength made every move seem effortless. Did you see So You THink You Can Dance?

Totally wow.

Sophie: Asking your hubby to hit the gym is pretty evil, but tell him it's for his future health (not just for fab abs and tight buns *grin*).

No, I've not seen the MJ biopic; not that big a fan. :p Good to know how awesome it is, will keep an eye out for it. *grin*

Queen of hearts said...

Oh I love So You Think You Can Dance show. Some are so damn good!

Hahaha! No, actually my hubby said he wanted 6 packs...that's why I told him to quit complaining and hit the gym lah. Thee hee hee!